Who are you guys?

We are a company in Hong Kong providing tailoring service for ladies. We register as Tailor International Limited.

I heard of DressTailor.com. Is that you?

Yes. We started DressTailor.com on Jan 27, 2005. It is the first women’s tailor shop on the Internet.

What service does DressTailor.com provide?

Custom make any, well, almost any, dress for international clients.

You have DressTailor.com, why BridesmaidTailor.com?

In DressTailor.com, we charge USD150 up for a custom-made dress. Here in BridesmaidTailor.com, we charge from USD99 only. It is because we standardized the styles (about 200) and fabric choices (about 100). We save resources and time to discuss personalizing of the dress with the client; save efforts to search desired materials for the dress; and save fabric cost because of bulk purchase.

We pass the savings to you!

The prices are so low. Will the dress quality/workmanship be inferior to that of DressTailor.com?


What dress styles can I choose from?

There are about 200 styles on BridesmaidTailor.com which you can order directly. If you like a dress from other source, our tailors can make it for you too.

I have some bridesmaid dress problems. Can you help?

  • One of the bridesmaids is petite/plus-size.
    No problem. All dresses are made-to-measure.
  • The dress we like is out of stock/not available/too expensive.
    We’ll make for you.
  • The bridesmaids are in different locations or too busy to shop together.
    You order online. We make and ship to you or the bridesmaids directly.
  • We need the dresses urgently!
    The shortest shopping option is 10 working days.
  • I want all bridesmaids in the same style but different colors.
    Sure! Our tailors can make them for you.
  • I want all bridesmaids in different styles but the same color.
    Why not?

How to take measurements?

Please see the measurement guide.

What are your shipping options?

Delivery time International Hong Kong
6 Weeks Free for order over $500 N/A
6 Weeks USD9.9 + USD10 per dress N/A
4 Weeks USD19.9 + USD20 per dress Free
2 Weeks N/A USD9.9 + USD10 per dress

All dresses are made by professional tailors and shipped from Hong Kong. Please contact us if you need special arrangement.

What is your return policy?

We'll refund if delivery is delayed by 14 days, or the fabric/color is seriously wrong. In other cases, we provide unlimited free alternation.

What if the dress needs alternation?

We provide unlimited free alternation. You’ll pay your postage and we’ll pay ours. Alternation usually takes 2 weeks from the date we receive your dress. (Fee will be charged if you want to change the original design or add new materials.)

I still have questions!

Please contact us. Thank you.




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